What is Buttock Sculpting?

Buttock Sculpting vs. Buttock Augmentation

As we age, gain, and lose weight, the skin and connective tissue in our backsides tend to sag. While many patients desire a procedure to lift and shape their rear end, they don’t know that they can achieve this look with liposuction alone.

How Does Buttock Sculpting Work?

Buttock sculpting works to correct the shape of the gluteal tissues and restore contour. The procedure reshapes your body through liposuction alone instead of fat injections. Dr. Kutty utilizes local anesthesia in-office to prevent patients from having to visit the hospital for their buttock augmentation. Most patients can expect to return to strenuous physical activities within four to six weeks of their buttocks sculpting. A full recovery from swelling and bruising typically takes up to six months or more.

For patients who have been interested in liposuction but are uncomfortable with the idea of the general anesthesia involved, this procedure is the perfect middle ground. Buttocks sculpting is a relatively painless treatment and is also much more cost-effective than a traditional buttocks augmentation, with financing options available.

How Does Buttocks Sculpting Differ from Buttocks Augmentation?

Buttocks sculpting is a less invasive procedure than a buttocks augmentation. With a standard buttocks augmentation, implants are placed in the bottom to achieve a round, plump result. By transferring fat with buttocks sculpting, the patient can achieve the same round, plump result without the need for implants, and without the need for going under general anesthesia in a hospital.

Buttocks Sculpting Advantages:

  • Achievement of the ideal full, round shape, without the buttocks being “big” which makes a woman look overweight instead of shapely.
  • No general anesthesia.
  • No prolonged recovery without sitting on the buttocks for six to twelve weeks.
  • Immediate return to work.
  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Less than half the cost of major surgery with general anesthesia in a hospital.

Buttocks Sculpting in Sugar Land TX

If you’re interested in improving the shape of your buttocks, contact Dr. Kutty at Luxe Plastic Surgery! Dr. Kutty is an expert in this procedure, and works with each patient to achieve their specific goals. Contact our office to learn more. (281) 815-2277

Women often complain that they have a “flat” backside. The decision to augment (add volume to) the buttocks really has to be made based on buttock projection. If the buttocks truly don’t project far enough back, then volume has to be added—preferably with fat as in a BBL.

Truly the majority of women actually have adequate buttock projection but no shape, because there is too much fat around the buttocks on the lower back, waist and back of the thighs. In those cases, precise sculpting of the buttock shape can be achieved with liposuction alone. This can be done comfortably with only local anesthesia, in the office, with the patient wide awake.