Should I Get My Breast Augmentation in the Fall?

While there isn’t a ‘bad’ time for any cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery, there are additional benefits during the fall season that make it the ideal time to undergo your breast augmentation. If you’ve been considering this procedure, learn why autumn is the perfect time from Dr. Kutty and the rest of our staff at Luxe Plastic Surgery.

It’s Easier to Cover Up After Surgery

As the summer sun fades and the weather cools here in Texas, the additional layers of clothing make recovering from surgery easier. You’ll have time to heal under thicker shirts and sweaters, leaving you to look your best when it’s time to flaunt bikinis and sundresses again.

You’ll Have More Access to Appointments

While most patients tend to have their breast augmentation done towards the end of winter or early spring, having your procedure done during the fall will allow you a wider range of appointments available. At Luxe Plastic Surgery, our team will always work with you to arrange your appointments — from consultation to the day of the procedure — with your schedule in mind.

You Can Avoid the Heat

Let’s face it — it’s never below freezing here in Sugarland. However, since the weather tends to be cooler in autumn, you won’t have to worry about inflammation from hot temperatures. Also, excessive sun exposure following your surgery can lead to scarring. This is why it’s best to choose to have your procedure done when you know you won’t be spending hours outside each day.

You’ll Have Time to Recover Before the Holidays

Who doesn’t want to look their best when family comes over for the holidays? By electing to have your surgery done early in the season, you’ll have plenty of time to recover before the festivities kick-off.

You’ll Have Results Before Warmer Weather

Though summer just ended, you’re probably already dreaming of the days you can lounge by the pool without a care in the world. By electing to have your augmentation in the fall, any signs of the procedure will hardly be noticeable by the time swimsuit season comes back around.

Breast Augmentations in Sugarland TX

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