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Serving Houston, Sugar Land, Katy and Nearby Areas of Texas

Houston-based Luxe Plastic Surgery is the perfect place to begin your journey to a better you. Dr. Malik Kutty's guiding principle is to treat you with the utmost respect, guide you in making a well-informed decision and to provide you with the finest medical services in the safest, most professional environment.

You Have a Long List of Concerns, Not the Least of Which Is Whether Your Doctor Will Listen to You.

When you visit personally with Dr. Kutty, you will be meeting a warm, personable physician who will let you do most of the talking. You will feel like you're telling a friend over lunch about the things that frustrate you about your appearance. Once you've expressed your concerns, Dr. Kutty will have a detailed discussion with you about how to address your needs. He will give you a clear, comprehensive plan that will have you looking and feeling just the way you'd like.

His extensive and thorough training at America's top institutions should give you confidence that you are receiving the best recommendations possible, and that his surgical expertise will give you great results in the safest manner. Dr. Kutty's education and training were completed at top-rated institutions such as Northwestern University in Chicago, where he achieved his MD degree in the Honors Program. His General Surgery and Plastic Surgery training were done at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Dr. Kutty and the staff at Luxe Plastic Surgery will never push procedures on you. When you speak with friends or family who have seen other plastic surgeons, you will find that many of your acquaintances went in with one concern and were told they needed surgery all over their body, at a much higher cost than was planned. We take pride in recommending what will give you what you want we won't try to see how many things we can talk you into.

Dr. Kutty listens to your goals and concerns to help you achieve the image you desire. Dr. Kutty and his team will answer all the questions you have about both surgical and non-surgical procedures you may be interested in, and will develop a comprehensive plan to make your experience as smooth as possible.

If you live in the Houston, Katy, or Sugar Land area, Dr. Kutty and his team look forward to your call. Please dial 281-313-0551 or complete our online contact form to learn more about your plastic surgery options.