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Breast Surgery

Sugar Land Breast Surgery

Enhancing Femininity & Youth

Many women view their breasts as a symbol of femininity and youth, which can significantly affect the way one views themselves. Breast enhancement surgeries are one of the most common and desired treatment options in our office. It’s an excellent option for individuals who struggle with how their clothing fits, wish to address issues such as sagging breasts, or struggle with symptoms of macromastia (large breasts). At Luxe Plastic Surgery, we combine science with artistry to sculpt a beautiful, redefined, and natural look. We pride ourselves on our precise incision techniques and our ability to reduce the visibility of scars.

If you’re interested in breast surgery in Sugar Land or Richmond, please contact our board-certified plastic surgeon today at (281) 815-2277 for your initial consultation.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Women undergo breast surgery for many reasons, ranging from cosmetic concerns to congenital abnormalities. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will customize your breast procedure to suit your unique needs and goals. Our techniques are distinguished from other practices because Dr. Kutty effectively provides results that maximize patient satisfaction and confidence.

You may benefit from one or more of the following treatment options:

  • Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation increases the size of your breasts using breast implants or fat transfer. You have several options for breast implants, including silicone or saline and the size, placement, and texture. Breast augmentation with fat transfer involves removing unwanted fat from stubborn areas such as the abdomen and thighs and using it to enhance the size and shape of your breasts.
  • Breast Lift: Pregnancy, weight loss, the aging process, and gravity can cause breasts to sag or droop. A breast lift addresses these concerns and can be combined with breast augmentation for optimal results.
  • Breast Reduction: Women who have macromastia (large breasts) struggle with painful symptoms, difficulty fitting in clothing, and an overall sense of discomfort. A breast reduction alleviates those issues, including chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Male Breast Reduction: Some men are born with or develop gynecomastia, which is the term for enlarged male breasts. Gynecomastia can cause substantial discomfort and may impact your self-confidence. Male breast reduction is a standard procedure that removes the excess tissue and reshapes the chest area.

Why Choose Dr. Kutty?

Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Kutty, is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and has more than 20 years of experience. He can help you decide which breast procedure is right for you and what you want to accomplish with plastic surgery. During your initial consultation, he’ll map out a comprehensive treatment plan and walk you through his assessment of your best options. He’ll recommend that you address your aesthetic goals and consider all aspects of breast surgery, including the procedure itself and the cost of treatment.

What is the ideal breast implant?

For more information on our breast procedures, call us at (281) 815-2277 today!

Hear From Our Patients

  • “Great Kindness & Respect”
    “I have been treated with great kindness and respect. Dr. Kutty genuinely cared about what I wanted when all was said and done, and he made a plan to achieve that for me. His knowledge, skill, and expertise as a surgeon are now quite obvious to us.”
    - J.M.
  • “Professional, Kind & Personable”
    “Dr. Kutty is professional, kind, personable and spends time explaining any procedure in detail. All my concerns were answered, Dr. and staff always available to answer and make you feel comfortable with the whole procedure before and after.”
    - Silvia M.
  • “Beyond Pleased”
    “Dr. Kutty did my lip injections, and I am beyond pleased with the results!! He genuinely cares about getting his patients the results they are looking for.”
    - S.H.
  • “I've Regained My Confidence”
    “Countless thanks to Dr. Kutty and his delightful staff for their outstanding work. My procedure was quick and painless. I've regained my confidence. Dr. Kutty was precise, compassionate and his work was flawless.”
    - Glenda D.
  • “The Mommy Makeover”
    “I liked his work and his personality immediately. He has given me outstanding results. My expectations have been exceeded!”
    - C.P.
  • “Pleased With the Professionalism”
    “I then scheduled a consult and was pleased with the professionalism and options were given from the time I met Dr. Kutty and his staff. They addressed all my concerns. I've been pleased with my experience and surgical results.”
    - J.H.
  • “I Trust Dr. Kutty”
    “Service and practice are awesome. I’ve been a patient for many years and get fillers every 3 to 4 months. I trust Dr. Kutty with every procedure he has performed.”
    - P.B.
  • “Positive & Informative”
    “Surgery is not easy, but Dr. Kutty is always positive and informative. I love the atmosphere and the employees. They are all supportive. I would suggest and refer to anyone.”
    - J.L.

Why Choose Luxe?

  • We Listen to Your Goals

    We let you do the talking: Our team listens to your goals, and Dr. Kutty provides guidance so you can make an informed decision.

  • Our Experience, Your Surgery

    Dr. Kutty has experience with patients of many ages and nationalities.  Each surgery is customized to enhance body image while preserving your unique identity.

  • Comfortable Environment

    All procedures are performed in a safe, comfortable environment by people who treat you with respect.

  • Unique Treatment Options
    Multiple surgical and non-surgical treatments are available to help you refresh your look, reduce signs of aging, and revise your appearance.
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