Tips For Your Holiday Plastic Surgery Recovery


Dr. Kutty’s Top 5 Tips for Holiday Plastic Surgery Recovery

It’s the holiday season — and what a better gift to give yourself than the perfect image you’ve been dreaming of? Here are some tips to help you recover after your holiday plastic surgery:

1. Gift Yourself a Break

Though you may be ready to celebrate with holiday cheer, recovering from plastic surgery takes time. Allow yourself some time to heal and relax so you can enjoy all the holiday season has to offer.

2. Follow Your Surgeon’s Orders

The post-operative instructions your plastic surgeon and their team will give you are vital to your recovery. Be sure to follow their care directions once you’ve returned home, and schedule any follow-ups they suggest.

3. Ask for Help

The holiday season is a period full of giving, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for help as you recover from your surgery. Having someone help you around the house or to run errands can help you to heal without additional stress.

4. Stay Out of Sunlight

While it’s good to get out for some light movement after your surgery, you should avoid sunlight as much as possible. Excessive sun exposure can lead to scarring at your incision site.

5. Don’t Push Yourself

Though you may be ready to get your jolly on, it’s important to follow the recommended timeline after your plastic surgery. Taking care of yourself and follow your surgeon’s recommendations will help you get back to your normal routine in a safe way.

Looking to Achieve the Perfect Image This Holiday Season?

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