Benefits of Winter Plastic Surgery

Though we’re probably all staring out the window longing for warm weather, blue skies, and long days spent by the pool, winter can offer other benefits. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your body just in time for the spring and summer, winter plastic surgery may be your best bet.

Keep reading to learn which procedures are best suited for winter, and learn how Dr. Kutty and our team at Luxe Plastic Surgery can help!

Breast Augmentations

Though bathing suit season may seem far away, warmer weather will be here before you know it! So you can take full advantage of the spring and summer seasons, scheduling your breast lift or augmentation for the winter will allow your chest time to heal under the comfy of warm, cozy sweaters. This will give your incisions time to heal before it’s time to sit poolside.


After a patient completed their facelift procedure, we recommend they stay out of direct sunlight. Healing scars are especially sensitive to the sun’s rays, so staying indoors is best to ensure as little visible scarring as possible. With the colder weather here in Texas, winter is the perfect time to have a facelift done because you’ll have plenty of time to recover indoors!

Thigh Lifts

Body contouring surgery can take a few months to heal, which means if you’re looking to have your thighs looking brand new for spring and summer, you’ll need to have them done during winter. Typically, swelling goes down completely after 3-6 months, when our patients will typically see their completed results.

Plus — kicking your legs up on the couch now to recover means your thighs will look stunning lounging outdoors all summer long!

Tummy Tucks

Besides having cozy sweaters to snuggle up in, most patients have more time off during the winter month than they do during the summer. Most companies tend to give paid time off during the holidays to allow their employees to enjoy their season. When it comes to the summertime, most people save their vacation days for a fun trip or lounge out with family.

Having your tummy tuck done earlier in the winter will help your stomach fully heal, give your incisions time to fade, and will allow you to enjoy summer fully.

Achieve Your Perfect Image this Winter with Luxe Plastic Surgery

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