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Neck Lift

Sugar Land Neck Lift Surgery

Tone and Rejuvenate Your Facial Profile

A neck lift can be a dramatic change in your appearance if you feel like your face is aging. The neck is the first area where loose skin develops and it’s also the lowest place on the face. As the skin begins to thin, the first place it settles is on the neck below the jawline. Some people call this a “turkey gobble” and it is very obvious in photographs, especially from the side.

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Causes of Neck Issues

The first thing that causes the neck to age faster is when the neck muscles just below the skin become weaker. The fused area in the center of that muscle separates and the edges of the muscle form what appear as two bands extending from the chin to the collarbone. This could happen as early as your 40s, but if the skin overlying is smooth it may not be visible.

As the skin of the face sags, those bands become visible. At this stage, rejuvenating the neck can be done by addressing those muscle bands. The weakening of muscles doesn’t affect the movement of the neck and is very effective at smoothing the neck contour.

Another option is a percutaneous myotomy. This is a very simple procedure where the muscle bands can be divided through the skin. This alternative relaxes the muscle and restores a more youthful appearance to the neck profile.

A neck lift can help:

  • Restore a more youthful appearance
  • Reduce excess skin
  • Tighten underlying muscles
  • Contour the chin and jawline

We Welcome Patients in the Sugar Land Area

Depending on the extent of aging, these procedures can range from extremely minor to operations that require general anesthesia and have a longer recovery. It’s important to consider the actual problem and choose a solution that will effectively address it. If that requires a more involved procedure because lesser interventions will not provide the desired result, the best course of action is to wait.

Dr. Kutty has extensive experience with facial and neck rejuvenation procedures. At Luxe Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on being honest with patients about what we think will ultimately make them happy. Dr. Kutty does not recommend anything more than necessary to achieve the results they see seek. In order to ensure that happens, Dr. Kutty spends a lot of time with patients to thoroughly understand what the individual envisions. Our goal is to make our patients happy and not to try to push unnecessary surgery.

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Hear From Our Patients

  • "Great Kindness & Respect"
    I have been treated with great kindness and respect. Dr. Kutty genuinely cared about what I wanted when all was said and done, and he made a plan to achieve that for me. His knowledge, skill, and expertise as a surgeon are now quite obvious to us.
    - J.M.
  • "Professional, Kind & Personable"
    Dr. Kutty is professional, kind, personable and spends time explaining any procedure in detail. All my concerns were answered, Dr. and staff always available to answer and make you feel comfortable with the whole procedure before and after.
    - Silvia M.
  • "Beyond Pleased"
    Dr. Kutty did my lip injections, and I am beyond pleased with the results!! He genuinely cares about getting his patients the results they are looking for.
    - S.H.
  • "I've Regained My Confidence"
    Countless thanks to Dr. Kutty and his delightful staff for their outstanding work. My procedure was quick and painless. I've regained my confidence. Dr. Kutty was precise, compassionate and his work was flawless.
    - Glenda D.
  • "The Mommy Makeover"
    I liked his work and his personality immediately. He has given me outstanding results. My expectations have been exceeded!
    - C.P.
  • "Pleased With the Professionalism"
    I then scheduled a consult and was pleased with the professionalism and options were given from the time I met Dr. Kutty and his staff. They addressed all my concerns. I've been pleased with my experience and surgical results.
    - J.H.
  • "I Trust Dr. Kutty"
    Service and practice are awesome. I’ve been a patient for many years and get fillers every 3 to 4 months. I trust Dr. Kutty with every procedure he has performed.
    - P.B.
  • "Positive & Informative"
    Surgery is not easy, but Dr. Kutty is always positive and informative. I love the atmosphere and the employees. They are all supportive. I would suggest and refer to anyone.
    - J.L.

Why Choose Luxe?

  • We Listen to Your Goals

    We let you do the talking: Our team listens to your goals, and Dr. Kutty provides guidance so you can make an informed decision.

  • Our Experience, Your Surgery

    Dr. Kutty has experience with patients of many ages and nationalities.  Each surgery is customized to enhance body image while preserving your unique identity.

  • Comfortable Environment

    All procedures are performed in a safe, comfortable environment by people who treat you with respect.

  • Unique Treatment Options
    Multiple surgical and non-surgical treatments are available to help you refresh your look, reduce signs of aging, and revise your appearance.
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