Sugar Land Six Point Facial Contouring

Dissatisfaction with one’s facial contour is rarely a result of only the “double chin”. That small area right behind the chin is obvious and makes one look heavier, but there’s a lot more that can be done to give you the look you actually have in mind. The key to creating the best possible, most elegant facial contours is to carefully identify the areas that give you that “heavy” or “chubby” look. It almost always involves multiple factors.

Dr. Kutty’s concept of Six-Point Facial Contouring widens the focus to the entire face. If liposuction on the double chin is done in isolation, the patient frequently feels like they didn’t get the result they thought they would. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Kutty can listen to your concerns and point out to you all of the things that cause those concerns. Precise and subtle contouring of all of those areas has to be done to produce the facial contour that you have in mind.

Six-Point Facial Contouring addresses six distinct but adjacent zones on the face which taken together cause the “double chin”.

Those zones are:

Zone 1: The central area just behind the chin, which is the one patient is usually staring at when they complain of a double chin.

Zone 2: The lateral part of the neck, adjacent to the “double chin” and just below the jawline.

Zone 3: The jowls, or the area just above the jawline on the lower cheek.

Zone 4: The area just beneath the earlobe and behind the angle of the jaw.

Zone 5: The sides of the vertical part of the neck.

Zone 6: The cheek just below the cheekbone arch (zygomatic arch).

For each area, there are important reasons that Dr. Kutty contours them:

Zone 1: The double chin in the center must be reduced to address the bulge that the patient primarily focuses on.

Zone 2: The “round face” that contributes to a double chin is partly caused by the inability to see definition at the jawline. Contouring Zone 2 by removing fat there accomplishes smoothing out the double chin area further toward the side of the neck and accentuates the horizontal part of the neckline above the Adam’s Apple. It makes the jawline much “crisper”.

Zone 3: Fullness of the lower cheek at the jowls obscures the jaw contour above the jawline.

Zone 4: Being able to see sharpness at the angle of the jaw adds immensely to facial definition, even though it’s a very small area.

Zone 5: For patients with “chubbiness” that includes the width of their neck, or those with a short neck, taking a little fat from the sides of the neck gives the appearance of a narrower and longer neck.

Zone 6: This is the most special part of Six-Point Facial Contouring. Shaping the lower face with liposuction of Zones 1 through 5 dramatically improves definition. Additional improvement in cheekbone contour creates an even more narrow appearance and complements the angularity of the new jawline and neckline.

This gives you two parallel, angled lines at the cheekbone and jawline. Each has a subtle shadow below it and the overall effect can’t be approached with any other facial contouring procedure.

Six Point Facial Contouring is done with local anesthesia only—no need to be asleep for the procedure. Patients are wide awake and when they walk out of the office feel pretty much the same as when they walked in. Recovery is as simple as using a Velcro compression strap to maintain the shape while the initial swelling resolves. There is minimal discomfort after the procedure. Patients rarely have much bruising and can return to most normal work and social activities within a couple of days.


Because Six Point Facial Contouring is a single procedure addressing multiple areas, it’s a one-time thing. As long as you take care of yourself, you can enjoy the results for years.

Compare this to “non-invasive” double chin treatments. In order to avoid surgery, patients try all kinds of things to remove a double chin. Those methods involve numerous sessions, most of which are uncomfortable or even painful, are expensive, and each session has a recovery with swelling, pain and bruising. They are not cheap either—especially with multiple treatment sessions, the cost adds up fast. For most patients, the most cost-effective way to achieve the appearance they want is actually to have the Six Point Facial Contouring procedure.

Watch the Luxe Plastic Surgery YouTube channel (and please subscribe!) to see how the procedure is done. You can see the procedure as it’s being done on a patient who is wide awake, talking and obviously comfortable. When you see what Six Point Facial Contouring involves, you’ll understand that when you try to avoid surgery you’re probably worrying about much more involved operations than this. It’s a minor procedure and afterward you won’t feel like it was “surgery”.

Six Point Facial Contouring is more affordable than you might think, especially in comparison to “non-invasive” methods.

Weight loss/shape

Those suffering from a double chin feel like it should go away if they lose weight. It makes sense, because a double chin makes one look overweight. Look around you, though, and you’ll see that very few people have no double chin at all. It’s more of a problem of shape rather than the amount of fat. The only way to accurately shape areas of the body is to mechanically remove fat in a way to create desired contours.

That’s why things like Kybella, Coolsculpting and all those other spa-type treatments don’t give you the results you want. Without the precise shaping that can be achieved with Six Point Facial Contouring, the best you can hope for is a little reduction of volume here and there. There is no way for a person to be happy with that kind of a result because that’s not what they envision when they imagine the result.

The structure of most people’s neck is kind of round. As long as there’s fat around the underlying bony and muscular structures, that fat can be taken out in very specific areas to “carve” an aesthetically pleasing appearance. There is no way for injections of chemicals (Kybella), “freezing” fat (Coolsculpting), poking, shocking or whatever else they do to shape anything. Nothing can replace the hands of a surgeon to make a specific shape.

SIX Point Facial Contouring is Dr. Kutty’s concept of a powerful, dramatic method of shaping the face. The procedure addresses SIX distinct areas that are precisely shaped to make your face more angular, narrow and elegant, with or without makeup.

SIX Point Facial Contouring requires using the creation of shadows in certain places. This accentuates just the right shapes and the effect is amazing!

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