Every woman will experience breast sagging or droopiness and loss of volume. This happens because of the natural progression of getting older but is exacerbated by pregnancy, rapid weight loss, and smoking. Gravity combined with less collagen production and elastin take a toll on the breasts, which can begin as early as your mid-20s. Depending on the issue, a breast lift or breast augmentation with implants can restore your breasts.

Breast augmentation and the breast lift accomplish different goals. A breast lift repositions and reshapes your breasts, lifting the breast tissue and areolas. Breast augmentation enhances the size of your breasts, which adds volume using saline or silicone implants.

Are Your Breasts Droopy or Deflated?

What Causes Deflated Breasts?

Breast deflation equates to volume loss. Rapid deflation can be caused by:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Losing Weight
  • Age

Your breasts are deflated if the upper area is sunken in.

Breast drooping or sagging happens in stages the first of which is when your nipples are at the same level as the fold beneath your breasts. Sagging continues with your nipples migrating below the fold and eventually pointing downward.

If you’re unsure which breast changes you’re experiencing, you can try the “Pencil Test.” Take a pencil and place it in the crease under your breasts. If the pencil stays in place when you take your hands off of it, you likely need a breast lift. A consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon can help you determine whether a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination of both will give you the best results.

Breast Lift Vs. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is used to restore volume but also corrects asymmetrical breasts. No two breasts are quite the same, but some women have significant differences in size. One breast may be an A cup while the other is a C cup. This makes wearing clothing and finding the right bra difficult. Another reason women choose breast augmentation is to reconstruct breasts after a single or double mastectomy to restore a proportionate figure and femininity. Dr. Kutty will discuss your options for breast implant type, position, incision site, and size during your initial consultation at our Sugar Land plastic surgery office.

The breast lift is used to correct moderate to significant breast drooping and sagging. Dr. Kutty repositions your areolas and breasts to a more youthful place and shape. Depending on the severity of your breast drooping, he may recommend the anchor incision, lollipop lift, donut lift, or crescent lift.

Why Choose Luxe Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land

Dr. Kutty is ABPS-certified, which means he’s completed additional training and testing to ensure our patients get the best results possible while also staying up to date on emerging techniques and technologies. He specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments. Before moving to the Houston area, Dr. Kutty worked in New York for nearly 20 years and brought that experience and skill to our Sugar Land patients.

If you’re interested in a breast lift or breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Kutty at Luxe Plastic Surgery today at (281) 313-0551 for your initial consultation. We serve patients in the Houston area including Sugar Land and Katy.