A plump facial appearance can make you appear heavier, and as you get older, you’re more likely to experience loose, sagging skin and fat accumulation around the jawline. Facial contouring addresses that “jowling” through neck liposuction and also removes the buccal fat pads found inside your cheeks that cause that “chipmunk” look. This combination procedure with our board-certified plastic surgeon can offer dramatic results with a defined jawline and cheekbones. 

Facial contouring at Luxe Plastic Surgery offers many benefits, including: 

1. Get Rid of the Dreaded Double Chin 

A double chin and “turkey neck” can be unsightly and a frustrating part of natural aging for many of our Houston area patients. The accumulation of fat and sagging skin tissue below the chin and in the neck have a significant impact on your jawline (known as jowling), which is next to impossible to address through diet and exercise. 

Neck liposuction is the first procedure in facial contouring at Luxe Plastic Surgery and removes excess fat in the neck and jowls. Some variations of liposuction offer the added benefit of skin tightening. Neck lipo is an effective way to get rid of the double chin, providing a sculpted jawline. 

 2. Say Goodbye to “Chipmunk Cheeks”

Chubby cheeks are typically adorable in young children. Most outgrow the round facial appearance during adolescence, but some struggle with “chipmunk cheeks” well through their 20s and older. Part two of the facial contouring procedure is Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

The buccal fat pads are responsible for the chubby appearance of cheeks, which is why this area is unresponsive to diet and exercise. These pads are fat pockets nestled in your cheeks that don’t provide a purpose, so their removal is safe and effectively thins the cheeks. The 20-minute procedure involves incisions made from inside the cheeks, so any scarring is concealed. 

The buccal fat pad reduction portion of the facial contouring procedure offers a thinner facial appearance with defined cheekbones. 

 3. Achieve a Narrower, Sculpted Face Profile 

A proper diet and exercise regimen can help you accomplish a majority of your body goals, but there’s little it can do for your facial profile. Your cheeks and jawline play an essential role in your appearance. Jowling in the neck and submental area (under the chin) along with chubby cheeks gives you a round profile. Facial contouring sculpts those areas through neck liposuction and buccal fat pad reduction to achieve a taut, defined jaw and neck, and narrow cheeks with higher-appearing cheekbones. 

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Dr. Malik Kutty at Luxe Plastic Surgery offers this unique facial contouring procedure and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you struggle with chubby cheeks and loose skin and fat in the chin and neck, facial contouring could be right for you. 

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