The Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a popular procedure that increases the size and reshapes the buttocks to give you a perkier, rounded backside. What makes this buttock augmentation unique is that the BBL using fat cells taken from another area of your body such as the abdomen via liposuction and re-introduces the fat into the buttocks to provide the desired contour. There are few exercises that tone and shape the buttocks, and the BBL is a great way to achieve a shapelier butt without using an implant. However, because we’re using fat to reshape your buttocks, the recovery process is even more imperative.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure and recovery period with you during your consultation and answer all your questions, but there are a few ways you can maximize your Brazilian Butt Lift results including:

  • Compression Garments and Loose Clothing: You may be given compression garments to wear to help you during the first few days of recovery. Wear them as recommended and choose loose-fitting clothing afterward that doesn’t restrict blood flow to your buttocks.
  • Avoid Driving: Driving involves sitting on your buttocks and requires a lot of movement that may “squish” the area.
  • Use a Rolled Towel to Create a Circle Seat: You will want to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for as long as is recommended and perhaps longer still. By rolling one or more towels into a circle, you can sit comfortably without putting weight on your buttocks. Instead, the bulk of your weight will press on your thighs.
  • Sleep on Your Stomach: Try to sleep on your stomach solely, so you’re not inclined to roll onto your backside and put pressure on your buttocks during healing.
  • Hydrate & Eat Healthily: This is an essential part of recovery for any surgical procedure, but it’s critical you eat the right foods and drink plenty of water to ensure nourishment and proper blood flow to the new fat in the area.
  • Exercise: You should be cleared to walk a day or two after your BBL, which is an integral part of maintaining the transferred fat cells. Maintain a workout regimen to increase circulation and get new blood into the area.

There’s always a risk that the fat cells will reabsorb into your body, but the percentage that stays in the buttock region will be higher if you follow all post-op instructions and use the tips listed above.

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