Trade-offs are a part of life. We make decisions every day based on weighing alternatives. The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a lot like any of those decisions.

I see patients all the time who want desperately to improve the appearance of some part of their body, but can’t get comfortable with the idea of having a scar. That’s understandable, but I suggest to them to consider the good and bad of each option.

Tummy tucks are a perfect example. Women who have had children know all too well that the stretched-out skin, weak muscles, and misshapen bellybutton are impossible to exercise away. It’s frustrating to get your weight down but still not look right in your clothes.

The mere fact that the woman is here means that she knows that surgery might be her best option, but isn’t comfortable with the idea yet because she doesn’t know everything about it. What patients need at this stage is to have the information they need to decide whether having surgery would be worth it in their case.

For a tummy tuck patient, I will show her in front of a mirror exactly what she would look like with a tummy tuck. She can see for herself how flat her tummy can be, how her bellybutton will look, how narrow her waist can be and the curves she’ll have. Then I can show her that the scar will be low enough to hide under jeans or even a two-piece bathing suit.

No type of clothing can cover bags of extra skin and loose muscles. In almost all cases, a woman will feel confident that having a tummy tuck is absolutely worth the trade-off of a scar that can be hidden in order to get a terrific body.

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