During and after pregnancy, a woman undergoes a significant amount of physical stress, causing changes throughout the body. Women often experience a drop in self-confidence after having their baby, which can stem from fluctuations in breast tissue. Fortunately, Dr. Kutty with Luxe Plastic Surgery can help restore and improve a new mother’s self-confidence through breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a procedure performed to enlarge the breasts, improving their overall shape. This beneficial cosmetic surgery can improve the appearance of your breasts utilizing various:

  • Techniques
  • Types of implants
  • Sizes and shapes of implants

The most common issues breast augmentation corrects include:

  • Loss of breast volume
  • Sagging breasts
  • Breast asymmetry

By achieving the pre-baby look you want, you can help restore your self-confidence. For more enhanced results, Dr. Kutty may recommend a combination of other procedures for a total “mommy makeover,” including:

These procedures can be safely done all at once, allowing for a single recovery period, one surgery and a single round of anesthesia.

To determine what breast augmentation options or other procedures are right for you, Dr. Kutty and our experienced clinical staff will meet with you in person to discuss your cosmetic goals and needs.

If you are in the Houston area and would like to discuss your breast augmentation options, give our office a call at (281) 313-0551 to schedule your initial consultation.