An abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, can be a very beneficial surgical treatment for our patients in the Sugar Land area looking to get rid of excess fat or skin. However, it may surprise you that there are different kinds of tummy tuck procedures that can deliver results specific to your cosmetic goals.

Mini-Tummy Tuck

A mini-tummy tuck is suggested for patients who have stretch marks, loose skin or excess fat in just the lower abdominal area.

With this procedure, an incision is made in the area just above the pubic hairline. The extra skin or lower belly fat can then be removed, leaving you with a smooth contour. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Malik Kutty, may recommend a combination treatment using liposuction around the hip area for an even better result.

Traditional Tummy Tuck

A traditional, or full, tummy tuck targets the entire abdominal area. Similar to the mini-tummy tuck, it aims to remove loose skin and excess body fat. However, a full tummy tuck treats the entire abdominal area. Dr. Kutty may perform this type of procedure if you have a combination of the following:

  • Excess fat
  • Excess skin
  • Loose abdominal muscles
  • Stretch marks
  • C-section scar

Depending on your aesthetic needs and goals, Dr. Kutty will develop a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you. He will be sure to discuss treatment and procedural options as well as recovery instructions during your consultation.

If you are in the Sugar Land area and would like to talk more about tummy tuck procedures, give our office a call at (281) 313-0551 to schedule your initial consultation. We are proud to deliver beautiful patient results in the Houston, Katy and surrounding Texas communities.