Increasing the size and shape of your buttocks is difficult to obtain through diet and exercise. You can only tone the area so much, and it may all come down to your genetics. The Brazilian Butt Lift (also known as buttock augmentation with fat grafting) uses fat removed from another area of your body through liposuction to add volume to your backside, giving you a round, perky buttock shape.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon has performed countless buttock augmentations and can help you reach your aesthetic goals by tailoring your procedure to your body. One of the questions Dr. Kutty often hears from our Houston area patients is, “How much fat can be transferred to the buttocks?”

In the plastic surgery and medical field, fat is measured in ccs (cubic centimeters). The Brazilian Butt Lift may involve removing anywhere from 200ccs to 900ccs per cheek. In some circumstances, patients have gone as high as 1,100 ccs. One pound is approximately converted into 450 ccs. The number of pounds or ccs used for your Brazilian Butt Lift will vary as each patient has a unique physique and cosmetic concerns for their body.

The amount of fat used for the BBL depends on your desired results because 30-40 percent of the transferred fat cells may atrophy or shrink during recovery as your body absorbs some of the transferred fat. A controlled study in 2016 involving 25 buttock fat transfer patients who received an average of 287 mL (287 ccs, or .63 pounds) per buttock found they had a mean fat retention of 66 percent.

Your initial buttock augmentation results may appear larger than you’d like because Dr. Kutty will need to inject more fat into the area to accommodate the rate of absorption. The typical 3:1 ratio of fat survival is a critical part of the equation when it comes to your buttock augmentation. Repeat sessions may be needed to reach your desired buttock size.

You can maximize fat survival during Brazilian Butt Lift recovery by following all post-operative instructions, which will include avoiding putting pressure on the buttocks.

Your Buttock Augmentation Consultation

Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is an excellent way to achieve a fuller contour. The Brazilian Butt Lift process begins with your consultation at Luxe Plastic Surgery with Dr. Malik Kutty, our board-certified plastic surgeon. You’ll discuss your body goals and the best way to reach them. Patients who don’t have enough fat to achieve their ideal shape may benefit more from buttock implants.

Dr. Kutty will explain your options and the details of the procedure(s), so you’re informed on the process and what to expect before, during, and after your buttock augmentation. Once we’ve determined the right plastic surgery for your needs, we will schedule your procedure.

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