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Umbilicoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of an unsightly bellybutton. This procedure can be performed alone, or as part of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Umbilicoplasty is an increasingly popular procedure sought out by both women and men.

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Causes of Cosmetic Belly Button Problems

Scar tissue often creates excess skin in the belly button area, compromising the overall appearance of your abdomen. This tissue can be present from childhood or from a piercing later in life.

The belly button is at the location where the umbilical cord enters a developing baby. After delivery, the opening through which the cord entered usually closes tightly within a few weeks or months. If it does not, a hernia is left. This gives the appearance of an "outie". In most people who have an umbilical hernia, it doesn’t cause a problem and may not even be noticed. However, the opening can entrap abdominal contents at any time which can create a medical problem.

If a hernia is present, especially in a young patient, it should generally be repaired. Hernia repairs are considered medically necessary procedures, so that part of an umbilicoplasty is usually covered by insurance.

Even without a hernia, the separation of the umbilical cord can leave a large amount of thick, adherent scar tissue.

Katy umbilicoplasty | belly button surgery HoustonAn umbilicoplasty is usually performed in order to:

  • Remove scars from piercings or previous surgeries
  • Reduce the size of the belly button
  • Remove wrinkles and excess skin around the belly button
  • Repair a hernia in conjuction with umbilical reshaping

The Umbilicoplasty Procedure

Umbilicoplasty surgery requires Dr. Kutty to make a very small incision within your belly button. This incision will not have sutures which have to be removed. Any overlying excess skin and scar tissue will then be removed to produce a more natural-looking shape. If there is no hernia, only scarring or loose skin, the umbilicoplasty procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in the office.

After surgery, Dr. Kutty will provide you with a special dressing that will help maintain the new shape while your body heals. You can return to your basic normal activities on the same day of your surgery, including showering. Umbilicoplasty produces an "innie" bellybutton for a better appearance in swimsuits and even in regular clothing.

Umbilicoplasty Patient Review of Dr. Kutty Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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