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If you are unhappy with the appearance of a bulging or slack tummy that does not respond to diet or exercise, then a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may be right for you. If you are in good general health and want to achieve a smooth, svelte tummy, a tummy tuck can help. A tummy tuck can remove excess skin and fat in the tummy area and tighten abdominal muscles to give you an attractive stomach that can help you feel comfortable and confident in many types of fashion, including swimsuits.

This page contains some basic information about the tummy tuck procedure, but it cannot tell you whether it is the right procedure for you. To talk to Dr. Malik Kutty about the abdominoplasty procedure, please call 281-313-0551 or contact Luxe Plastic Surgery online today.

What a Tummy Tuck Can Accomplish

A tummy tuck, technically known as an abdominoplasty, is one of the most transformative procedures in plastic surgery. You will experience a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your abdominal region. A tummy tuck can help if you have:

  • Excess fat in the tummy
  • Excess skin in the tummy
  • Loose muscles in the tummy
  • Stretch marks
  • C-section scar
Types of Tummy Tuck surgery - Malik Kutty MD
Tummy Tuck | Abdominoplasty

Only a tummy tuck can correct all these problems. If you just have excess fat in the tummy region and good skin quality, you may be able to get good results from liposuction. Only an evaluation by Dr. Kutty can tell which procedure is right for you.

How Does a Tummy Tuck Work?

Women who have had a Caesarean section will have the abdominoplasty incision placed so the original scar is removed, and any scar tissue underneath is removed as well. This creates a smooth, soft area under and around the incision. Even in women who have not had abdominal surgery before, the incision is placed low on the abdomen so it can generally be hidden by underwear or swimwear. There is also a small incision that surrounds the navel.

Prior pregnancy stretches the muscle layer as well. Part of an abdominoplasty procedure is also to tighten those muscles centrally, which pulls the waist in.

Surgery will be approximately 2-3 hours as determined on a case by case basis. Typically this is done as an outpatient procedure and the patient will go home the same day.

Most patients will require 10-14 days of restrictions regarding work and /or daily activity. Patients will be sent home with an abdominal garment that will have to be worn 10-14 days postoperatively. Patients who only have loose skin or excess fat in the lower abdomen are candidates for a mini-abdominoplasty. They will usually have a quicker tummy tuck recovery and be able to go back to work sooner.

What is a Mini-Tummy Tuck?

Some women have stretch marks and loose skin on their lower abdomen, but their muscles are fairly firm and skin above the bellybutton is not loose. These women are great candidates for a mini-abdominoplasty.

In a mini-abdominoplasty, an incision is made in the skin fold just above the pubic hairline. This is in the same location as a Caesarean section scar, but slightly longer. Using this incision, the extra skin on the lower abdomen can be removed, leaving a smooth contour. Liposuction can also be done to contour the hips for an even better result.

A mini-abdominoplasty addresses only the skin below the bellybutton, so Dr. Kutty will discuss with you whether you would have a better result with a mini-abdominoplasty or a full abdominoplasty.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is not a surgical treatment for being overweight. Obese individuals who intend to lose weight should postpone all forms of body contouring surgery until they have reached a stable weight at least within 10-15 pounds of your goal weight. 

In general, the best candidate for a tummy tuck has all the following characteristics:

  • Houston Tummy Tuck - Luxe Plastic Surgery - Sugar LandIn good general health
  • A nonsmoker
  • At or near their goal weight and stable for six months
  • Has appearance concerns that can be corrected by tummy tuck
  • Has a generally positive outlook
  • Has reasonable expectations for the procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Kutty will talk to you about your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

Why Choose Luxe Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Malik Kutty, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, practiced plastic surgery in New York City for 15 years before coming to Houston. After achieving a medical degree with honors at Northwestern University in Chicago, he studied general and plastic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. He listens to your goals and puts his surgical skill at your service to help you achieve the look you desire.

To learn more about the tummy tuck procedure or Dr. Kutty, please contact Luxe Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 281-313-0551 in Houston to schedule a consultation.