Thigh Lift Surgery

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Weight loss and aging are the main reasons people may find the skin of the thighs sagging. Usually the skin on the inside part of the thighs is where the skin is seen sagging the most.

A common complaint is that the insides of the thighs rub together. This makes it hard to exercise, which in turn makes it hard to lose weight. The appearance of the thighs is very tough to hide in pants, making it necessary to wear dresses or skirts.

Is a Thigh Lift Right for Me?

Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or lap banding procedures lead to marked weight loss, which allows patients to feel great and live healthier. The negative side of this is the loose skin, which appears everywhere on the body.

On the thighs, two factors cause skin laxity. The first is the loss of a large amount of fat from within the thigh (especially on the inner thigh), which causes the skin to deflate much like a balloon. The second is that when skin is stretched over a large amount of fat for a long time, is loses its firmness and cannot tighten back over the muscles by itself. This means that the extra skin has to be surgically removed.

Thigh lift surgery places an incision in the crease between the thigh and groin. Dr. Malik Kutty will try as much as possible to keep the incision hidden. The skin of the thigh is then pulled up and the excess removed. Liposuction is done to further reduce the thickness of the tissues. Sutures are used to hold the tissues in place and to minimize stretching of the scar. Rubbing of the inner thighs is significantly reduced.

Some patients will need more liposuction than skin removal to enhance contour. If there is enough loose skin on the outside part of the thigh, an outer thigh lift may be needed as well.

A special garment will be necessary after surgery, which will be worn for several weeks. Recovery and return to work usually takes a few weeks.

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