Scar Revision

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People live with obvious scars for years, not realizing they can be improved in appearance. If you have scars that are firm, hard, raised, wide, or too tight, Dr. Kutty can help. Scars that are raised and painful are called "keloid" scars. These often result from traumatic accidents, burns, or surgery.

Dr. Kutty has seen countless patients who have even shown a scar to other plastic surgeons and been told that nothing could be done to improve it. You don’t have to live with an ugly, obvious scar. When you discover how simple it might be to reduce the appearance of your scar, you’ll be happy that you’ve finally found us. Learn more by calling Luxe Plastic Surgery at 281-313-0551 for a comprehensive consultation in the Houston area.

Types of Scars

Some of the most common types of scars that benefitfrom revision are caused by surgery, such as:

  • Caesarean sections (C-section)
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Even ear piercings can leave unwanted scars

In fact, a common reason for patients to see Dr. Kutty about fixing an unattractive scar is actually because of a prior cosmetic surgery operation. When done by inexperienced surgeons, scars may be in highly visible areas, sutured so that they stretch out, heal poorly or are crooked. Almost all scars can be revised to improve their appearance. In many cases improvement is best achieved without surgery. Dr. Kutty will actually recommend against surgery if he feels a better result will come from other treatments.

Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery is a simple procedure done our office. After local anesthesia is applied to numb the area, Dr. Kutty will remove the scar using meticulous technique and carefully close the area to restore a flat contour and a line as narrow as possible, in a way that can be better concealed.

Scar revision is a short process that requires no downtime. Other aspects of care will include creams, silicone sheeting or injections to maintain and further improve your results.

Non-Surgical Scar Improvement

Not all scar treatments involve surgery. If Dr. Kutty feels you will obtain an excellent result with other means he will tell you so. The team at Luxe Plastic Surgery will not try to talk you into surgery you don’t need. If your best option is through another type of provider, we will tell you.

Some of the non-surgical options are:

  • Injections of steroids or other medications
  • Topical creams containing silicone or medications to decrease pain and itching
  • Ultrasound treatments
  • Silicone sheeting

If you would like more information about scar revision surgery, please contact Luxe Plastic Surgery by phone at 281-313-0551 or through our online form to schedule your initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Malik Kutty. Dr. Kutty serves patients in the Houston, Sugar Land, and Katy areas of Texas.