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Those of us who don’t have overly protruding or "dumbo" ears have no idea what it’s like to go to school as a child tormented by the other children on a daily basis. Some of the children Dr. Kutty has seen have been so traumatized that they develop extreme anxiety about going to school at all.

Otoplasty surgery is a procedure that "pins" the ears back, closer to the scalp. The cartilage is reshaped to restore the overall shape to a more normal appearance. This is done entirely with incisions behind the ear to hide them.

A variety of different techniques and approaches may be used to reshape congenital prominence in the ears or to restore damaged ears. Each individual seeking otoplasty is unique both in terms of the appearance of their ears and expectations for results following otoplasty surgery. Some patients only require surgery on one ear because the other looks normal.

Otoplasty surgery can be done in adults, but it is especially help for children entering school age to prevent teasing from other children. Call Luxe at (281) 241-1041 for your or your child's comprehensive consultation, or schedule online.