Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

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Sugar Land woman caresses her face after non-surgical rejuvenation.Skin ages for many reasons, causing lines and wrinkles to develop. Your body produces fewer natural oils and collagen as you get older, making you more prone to dry, lax skin. When you have excessive sun exposure and habits such as smoking, your skin can age prematurely. Coupled with repeated facial expressions that cause deep creases, it’s impossible to avoid the formation of lines and wrinkles and loss of volume. There are, however, many facial rejuvenation options such as injectables that don’t involve surgery and a lengthy recovery. 

Our board-certified plastic surgeon and experienced staff can help you determine the best way to rejuvenate your face and remove years of wear and tear. Schedule your non-surgical rejuvenation treatment today by calling (281) 313-0551Luxe Plastic Surgery provides surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to patients in Sugar Land, Katy, and Houston, Texas. 

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Treatment Options 

At Luxe Plastic Surgery, we offer injectables to reverse signs of aging without the need for invasive surgery. There are two forms of injectables—Neuromodulators such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers such as Juvéderm. Dermal fillers work to “fill in” lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, hands and other areas. Neuromodulators contain botulinum toxin to temporarily freeze muscle movements that cause deep lines and creases such as frown lines. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Malik Kutty, offers these non-surgical rejuvenation treatments: 

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: Immobilizes muscles to reduce the appearances of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, and smile lines. 
  • BELOTERO BALANCE®: Dermal filler that addresses moderate to severe lines and folds such as “smokers’ lines,” chin wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more.
  • DYSPORT®: Also a neuromodulator that can smooth lines in the forehead, brow, and corners of the eyes as well as vertical lip lines. 
  • Juvéderm®: Cosmetic filler that offers lip augmentation and wrinkle correction of deep folds and facial lines as well as contouring the cheeks and chin. 
  • RADIESSE®: Dermal filler that works to add volume, boost collagen production, and smoothen nasolabial folds, smile lines, frown lines, marionette lines, as well as define the jawline, chin, and jowls. 
  • RESTYLANE®: Commonly used filler that addresses moderate to severe lines and wrinkles and adds volume to multiple areas of the face, including eyes, forehead, cheeks, jaw, chin, and lips. 
  • REVANESSE®: Innovative dermal filler that offers long-lasting results for minimizing facial lines and wrinkles and restoring volume and definition to the cheeks, lips, chin, and jaw. 

Why Does Your Skin Show Signs of Aging? 

Your face relies on two main proteins for flexible, youthful skin—Elastin and Collagen. Both are found within the deep layers of connective skin tissue. Collagen provides volume while elastin maintains the “elasticity” of your skin. For example, when you make repeated facial expressions, your skin and muscles create temporary grooves. As you get older, your skin doesn’t spring back into place as easily, leading to the formation of lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. The fat found in the deep skin tissue also diminishes as you age, giving way for prominent wrinkling and loose skin. 

There are some ways to prevent further damage, including protecting your skin from sun exposure by covering up and using products that contain sunscreen, avoiding smoking, using moisturizers, and eating healthy. The first body areas to show signs of aging are those that are often exposed to the elements and UV light, which causes the premature break down of the dermis (skin). That’s your face, neck, shoulders, décolletage (neckline), arms, and hands. However, your genetics can also play a role in the early development of lines and wrinkles. 

Schedule Your Non-Surgical Rejuvenation at Luxe Plastic Surgery 

If you struggle with signs of aging on your face and other areas, non-surgical rejuvenation could be right for you. Schedule your consultation in Sugar Land today at (281) 313-0551 to learn more. Luxe Plastic Surgery serves patients in the Houston, Texas area including Katy and Sugar Land.