Neck Lift

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When you look in the mirror, one of the first things you might notice is a little sagging or fullness on your neck. Looking at old photographs, you’ll probably notice that the skin on your neck was tighter, and that your jawline was much sharper. What most people don’t realize is that this actually gives the appearance of being heavier as well.

Older woman touching neck in the mirror

If you have modest skin laxity in your neck area, along with localized excess fat, Luxe Plastic Surgery offers an exciting new neck lift procedure to correct these problems. Our neck lift is performed in our office under purely local anesthesia, and does not require invasive incisions – instead, small punctures are used to complete the procedure. This means looking better without the risk and after-effects of general anesthesia (it also reduces the cost by over half).

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The Newest Neck Lift Procedure

The first step of our neck lift procedure involves liposuction, which is used to remove excess fat in your neck area and produce better contours. After liposuction, your skin will be suspended and tightened with several fine lengths of thread, which function much like shoelaces to tighten your neck tissues – all without the need for incisions. This new procedure produces a dramatically sharper jawline and defined neck, reducing the unwanted appearance of a "turkey-neck". It can be done with other procedures such as a facelift for maximal impact.

We Welcome Neck Lift Candidates from Sugar Land and Houston

This new neck lift procedure is most effective on patients with modest skin laxity. If you have more noticeable laxity in the neck area, a traditional necklift may be recommended. Dr. Kutty will evaluate your skin condition during a personal consultation to determine which approach would be most beneficial.

A traditional necklift is performed using narrow incisions hidden near and behind your ears. From these incisions, Dr. Kutty will gently pull your skin back to improve the definition of your jawline and neck. In New York his clients, who included television personalities, were extremely concerned about results being obvious. His experience with these people has been valuable in caring for those who want more subtle results.

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