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With time, facial skin develops an aged appearance because of volume loss and sagging skin. There usually are deep folds near the mouth, and descent of the cheeks.

A facelift produces a more youthful appearance by gently lifting the skin to restore its position. The skin will have a much smoother, healthy appearance. The appearance of wrinkles and folded skin is markedly improved. An added advantage of facelift surgery is that it rejuvenates the neck by tightening the skin and improving the jawline. Dr. Kutty can explain these and other benefits during your initial consultation. Please call Luxe Plastic Surgery at 281-313-0551 or contact us online today to get started.

How a Facelift Is Performed

A facelift involves incisions that are hidden near the ear. Most of the time, Dr. Kutty will place the incision such that part of it is behind the tragus (the small piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal). The remainder of the incision which is above and below that will then be very short. As they fade, scars become very hard to see.

A facelift can be done in conjunction with other facial procedures. Common simultaneous procedures include:

Customizing Your Facial Surgery

The decisions about the problems to be addressed and how to correct them will be made by you in conjunction with Dr. Kutty. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, he will not only listen carefully to your concerns, but will also point out those areas where correction will produce an even better result. Facelift surgery involves precise dissection near important anatomic structures, so it is critical that a Board-certified plastic surgeon guide you through the process.

A well-trained and experienced surgeon will also create an enhanced and younger appearance without making it obvious that surgery was done. Care is taken to avoid making the skin too tight, which makes it obvious that surgery has been done, and creates a “windswept” appearance.

People have seen numerous celebrities with bad plastic surgery results and are understandably concerned about being in a similar situation. Keep in mind that the bad results, which are very obvious, are the only ones that lay people notice. There are millions of men and women out there who have had facelifts by surgeons who produce excellent results in a more subtle fashion.

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