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Your face is full of many small and large muscles that control different functions, including your facial expressions. When these muscles tighten too much and contract, they can compress your overlying facial skin, resulting in wrinkles.

Dysport® is an injectable treatment similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic that targets these muscles and forces them to relax, smoothing out your wrinkles and providing you with a more youthful overall appearance. Dr. Kutty can discuss which filler is right for you during your visit to Luxe Plastic Surgery in the Houston area. Call (281) 241-1041 for more information.

Dysport® Treatment Areas

The FDA has approved Dysport® for cosmetic treatment of wrinkles between your eyebrows – your vertical frown lines. However, it can also be safely used in other areas of the face, such as:

  • Crow's feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Vertical lip lines

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) supports and recommends Dysport® for use in the facial areas listed above.

The Dysport® Procedure

Dysport® is applied using a tiny, thin injection needle in the areas where your wrinkles are present. No anesthesia is necessary to complete the procedure, which usually only takes around 5 minutes. You will not require any downtime to recover, and any redness at your injection site tends to resolve itself within an hour.

Dysport® works much like BOTOX® by selectively blocking the chemical signals that cause your muscles to tighten. When these signals are blocked, your muscles can finally relax, allowing your wrinkles to soften and eventually fade.

Choose an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon

Dysport® should only be administered by an experienced practitioner, since it is possible to inject it improperly. Poor injection technique can result in a glassy appearance, asymmetry, or even interference with your eyelid function. Always thoroughly research any physician that performs this procedure to ensure they have the experience and skill necessary to do it effectively and safely.

Dr. Kutty is dedicated to helping his patients obtain natural-looking results. Many people notice subtle differences in the results of Dysport® and BOTOX® Cosmetic in terms of subtlety and strength of action. During a consultation, Dr. Kutty can help you decide which option would best meet your cosmetic needs.

If you are interested in Dysport® treatment and live in or around Sugar Land, Katy, or Houston, please call Dr. Malik Kutty at (281) 241-1041 or contact Luxe Plastic Surgery online to schedule your initial consultation.