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The buttocks are an important part of a woman’s overall figure. To wear form-fitting clothes and bathing suits, the shape of the buttocks needs to be full enough to balance the rest of the body. In recent years, buttock augmentation by various methods has become extremely popular. At Luxe Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Malik Kutty, offers buttock augmentation to help you achieve the full, round, attractive derierre you desire. To find out more about buttock augmentation, please contact us today by calling 281-313-0551. We proudly serve clients in Houston and the nearby Texas areas.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kutty will take all of the time necessary to discuss your goals with buttock augmentation and identify the best treatment type based on your needs.

Here is more information about buttock augmentation:

Buttock Augmentation Options

While there are several types of buttock augmentation procedures and surgeries available, Dr. Kutty prefers to only utilize one option because it is the safest and most reliable. Below are some of the options that you need to be wary of when considering buttock augmentation:

  • Buttock implants
  • Buttock lift
  • Buttock injections

Implant Placement

Buttock implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, much like those used in the breast, calf, and chest. They are made to be soft and relatively comfortable. Dr. Kutty prefers to avoid the placement of implants because of the risk of infection, capsule formation, and asymmetry. There is also the potential for problems related to the fact that the implants are subjected to trauma every time the patient sits.

Buttock Lift

The tissues of the buttock area can be lifted by an incision above them. The fat under the skin can be separated and reshaped to improve the appearance. This works best if the main problem is sagging, but the overall volume of the buttock cannot be increased this way. There are also sizeable scars that may be difficult to hide in swimwear.

Injection of Other Materials into the Buttocks

This is an area where extreme vigilance is necessary. There are many practitioners and even non-medical people who inject different materials to increase buttock volume. Some of these injectables are safe and even approved for other uses.

Others use industrial silicone gel, which is similar to silicone waterproof caulk that you might purchase at a home improvement store. As you might imagine, this is extremely dangerous. There is a very high risk of infection. The material almost always migrates and cannot be removed.

Dr. Kutty has personally cared for many patients in New York who had silicone injections into the buttocks done abroad. The problems encountered included migration of the material into the thighs, and severe soft-tissue infections. Treatment options are limited, since the silicone cannot be removed because it is spread diffusely within the fat. The only management option is to treat infections when they occur, which means hospitalization in most cases.

Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Dr. Kutty’s preferred method of buttock augmentation is the Brazilian butt lift. This is a fat transfer procedure that involves harvesting of fat from other areas of the body, preparing it, and re-injecting it into the buttocks. This provides several great benefits:

  • Significant increase in buttock size
  • Ability to shape the buttocks however the patient desires
  • Improved body contouring in the area where fat is harvested
  • Ability to perform the procedure under local anesthesia in most cases (reducing the cost by about half and avoiding the side effects of general anesthesia)
  • No foreign material is inserted into your body

Dr. Kutty spends time with the patient on more than one visit before the procedure to review his or her goals. For most, it is a fuller, rounder shape all over. For some, it is a tailored improvement in the outer part which might be the only thing making the buttocks appear flat. Others want to concentrate on increasing size in the upper parts of the buttocks. Whatever your goals, Dr. Kutty will formulate a plan that will achieve that result. Markings for fat placement are made in front of a mirror with your participation to assure the result is as close as possible to what is desired.

Dr. Kutty uses the newest methods of fat harvesting, preparation and re-injection to produce beautiful results, comfortably and safely.

The side benefit to this method of buttock augmentation is that in order to obtain fat to inject into the buttocks, liposuction has to be performed on a donor region of the body. By reshaping the abdomen, hips, flanks or thighs, the improved shape and size of the buttocks is that much more noticeable. This makes the result far better than with most other methods.

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Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer Procedure


The Brazilian butt lift involves first doing liposuction. Fat is harvested from areas like the abdomen and waist. Other areas might be used as well, if more fat is needed. At this point, the figure already looks dramatically better.

Unlike with the usual liposuction procedure, the fat is collected in a special, sterile container. This is designed to preserve the fat cells without trauma. Now, instead of disposing of the fat, it's prepared for re-injection:

  • First, the fat cells have to be separated from all of the other fluids, lipids, and connective tissue. This can be done by using gravity to let the fat float to the top, or by using a centrifuge.
  • The unwanted fluids and lipids are then drained away, leaving only the good, healthy fat cells.
  • At this point there are usually a large number of syringes filled with fat, arranged in a special tray. A cannula, which is a narrow, blunt instrument, is used to inject the fat throughout the buttocks. Preoperative markings are used to guide placement and contouring.
  • Once all the fat has been injected and the shape has been created, a specially-designed garment is used to mold the area and maintain the shape.

Now the rest of the process depends entirely on the patient. The critical thing is keeping pressure off of the area. Pressure avoidance is so important because the delicate fat cells need time to develop a blood supply, and this is one factor that determines the amount of the fat which will remain long-term.

Butt Augmentation Surgery | Houston, TX

Cost of Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation surgery has many components. Those include the surgeon’s time and expertise, nursing staff, anesthesia, medications, operating room time, garments, as well as equipment and supplies for transferring fat.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that buttock augmentation surgery isn’t cheap. However, considering that you are getting both liposuction to remove fat from certain areas of the body and implementation of that fat to increase the volume and shape of the behind, the cost of the procedure reasonably reflects the complexity involved.

Factors Affecting Butt Augmentation Cost

The cost of buttock augmentation varies widely, depending on number of areas used for fat harvest, geographic location, and the surgeon’s background. A general range might be between $7,000 and $15,000. An overnight stay in the hospital would add a modest amount to the cost.

Because of the popularity of cosmetic surgery, there are several companies which provide financing for it. CareCredit is one of the more popular providers, and they have a large variety of plans depending on the length of time the patient wants to pay over.

Remember one thing, though. The cost of the procedure pales in comparison to the cost of having a major problem. Taking care of complications, from infections to skin burns, has a cost in terms of dollars and in recovery time. Sometimes paying a little more at the beginning saves a lot in the long run.

Buttock Augmentation Recovery Guidelines

One of the most important guidelines to follow after buttock augmentation is to avoid pressure on your rear end. The fat cells that are transferred to the buttocks are delicate. Direct pressure on the cells traumatizes the cell wall, which can cause them to rupture. The fat within the cells then leaks out and is absorbed by the body. The more cells are damaged, the more volume loss there is.

The fat cells depend on oxygen, just like every other cell in the body. In order for them to "take," or survive, they need to establish a supply of oxygen-carrying blood. Placing pressure on the area can prevent the development of enough circulation to support the fat cells.

Here are some tips to help you avoid pressure on your backside after buttock augmentation surgery:

  • Sit on a pressure-controlling cushion when you can’t avoid sitting (like when in a car or on a plane)
  • Sit on a stool when at work or in other situations because it keeps pressure on the thighs and not the buttocks
  • Sleep on your stomach or side with pillows supporting you so you don’t roll onto your back

Activity Limitations

After this type of surgical procedure, it’s important not to simply lie around in bed. Some activity is required to keep blood pumping and to allow the lungs to expand fully. Lying in bed all day can lead to postoperative complications.

That said, it is pretty easy to over-do activity. Most people feel well enough within a few days that they have to consciously limit themselves. Being too active causes swelling and shear forces, both of which are damaging to transferred fat.

Being over-active, however, causes swelling. The fluid that comes with swelling makes it difficult for the newly transferred fat to develop a blood supply, and it distorts the shape.

Garment Use

All patients are provided a compression garment to wear postoperatively. The importance of this can’t be stressed enough. Without compression, the areas used for harvest (liposuction sites), retain fluid and never achieve the desired contours. The buttocks will also fail to hold the desired shape, since molding with the compression garment is needed to achieve the end result. The garment has to be worn for approximately six weeks all the time (except for showering, toilet etc). After that, the garment should be worn during the day, but can be removed at night.

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If you’re considering buttock augmentation, don’t get caught up in seeking the cheapest deal that might lead to traveling abroad to have your procedure or settling for someone that isn’t a board-certified plastic surgeon. Always select a plastic surgeon that specializes in buttock augmentation and body augmentation and do your research to make sure they’re going to give you the service, care, and results you deserve.

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