Brow Lift

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A tired or angry appearance can be caused by descent of the forehead skin and eyebrows. Dr. Malik Kutty performs brow lifting procedures to correct sagging of the forehead. Such sagging, or ptosis, of the forehead (also known as the brow) can make a person look angry, sad or tired. It creates deep creases on the forehead as well.

There are several approaches to brow lift procedures. Dr. Kutty will recommend the most appropriate one based on your specific situation. Call 281-313-0551 for a comprehensive evaluation at Luxe Plastic Surgery.

What Is a Brow Lift?

Patients with a normal to low hairline are generally good candidates for an endoscopic brow lift. In this procedure, Dr. Kutty uses a camera through several small incisions hidden in the hair-bearing scalp to mobilize the forehead skin and then lift it, taking years off one’s appearance. It is not uncommon to do this procedure at the same time as eyelid rejuvenation, since aging of both areas occurs together.

Patients with a high hairline may do better with an "open" brow lift. In this procedure, Dr. Kutty makes an incision along the hairline and lifts the forehead. This avoids making the hairline even higher.

Brow Lift Aftercare

Recovery involves swelling that lasts about a week, and most patients control the discomfort easily with pain medication. Patients are able to do most normal activity during the first week.

The impact can be maximized when done in combination with blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation). This combination raises the eyebrows and gives the eyes a more “open” appearance by removing excess skin and under-eye “bags”.

To find out how a brow lift can revitalize the appearance of your face, please contact Luxe Plastic Surgery online or call 281-313-0551 today. Dr. Kutty serves patients throughout the Houston area, including Katy, Sugar Land, and other nearby communities.