Questions about Breast Lift

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What are the benefits of breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery can restore a perky and youthful appearance to breasts that have begun to droop or sag. Age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and nursing can all impact the firmness of your breasts. With breast lift surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Malik Kutty, MD can restore your chest to its original beauty.

Can I combine my breast lift with other procedures?

The factors that cause ptosis (sagging) can also cause a loss of volume or a change in breast shape. When this is the case, Houston breast lift surgeon Dr. Malik Kutty may recommend combining your breast lift with breast augmentation. If ptosis is the result of overly-large or cumbersome breasts, Dr. Kutty may suggest combining a lift with breast reduction. These decisions are made on a patient-by-patient basis and customized to meet your unique needs.

Will a breast lift leave scars?

Some scarring is common after a breast lift procedure. Depending on the incision options required in your case, these scars may be hidden in the dark skin of your areola or in the crease beneath your breast. When an incision is required from your areola to your breast crease, scarring may be inevitable. However, these scars will fade over time and will not be noticeable when your breasts are covered.

How long does recovery from a breast lift take?

Recovery from a breast lift is dependent on factors such as the extent of ptosis corrected and your body’s natural healing ability. In most instances, work can be resumed after one week with certain limitations of physical exertion for up to six weeks. Dr. Kutty will work with you during this time to ensure your complete comfort and safety.

Are the results from a breast lift permanent?

The results of breast lift surgery are long-lasting, but cannot stop the effects of aging and gravity. Many women experience perkier and firmer breasts for 10 or more years following this procedure, but your results will vary. Pregnancy and weight gain will impact your breast lift results, making it important to consider future plans for pregnancy prior to this procedure.

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