Facial Lip Implants

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Facial Lip Implants

Lip augmentation procedures are a great way to achieve fuller, more aesthetically pleasing lips.  It’s become a very popular cosmetic procedure, and there are several ways of augmenting the lips.

We’ll talk here about all the ways to make your lips look prettier, but if you just have to get to the implant part of the discussion right now then it’s OK to scroll down to the section about the newest silicone lip implants.

Filler injections

The most common way to “plump up” the lips is to inject fillers.  Hyaluronic acid products are the most common, which include Juvederm™, Restylane™ and Belotero™.


  • quick (15-20 minutes)
  • shortest downtime of the available procedures
  • lower in cost than other methods
  • the shape can be adjusted in a variety of ways


  • it isn’t a permanent fix
  • every time the lips are injected there will be slight differences in the shape from the last injection
  • the cost over time, taking into account repeat injections, is much higher than other methods

Liquid silicone is still commonly used by many injectors.  This tends to be the most troublesome of all lip fillers, since it spreads around and can’t be completely removed if there’s a problem.  If it becomes infected it can really be tough to treat.

Lip implants

Surgeons have been placing implants in the lips for a very long time.  The materials used have gotten a lot better over the years.

Alloderm is a biologic material which contains a collagen matrix.  It’s inserted in the lip as a thin sheet that is rolled up to form a cylindrical shape.


  • the collagen matrix allows your tissue to grow into it
  • chance of getting an infection very low
  • better long-term maintenance of the result


  • the collagen matrix allows your tissue to grow into it
  • —yes, this is a “pro” mentioned above, but it also means that if you don’t like the shape or there does happen to be a problem, it’s extremely hard to remove
  • It doesn’t come shaped, and it doesn’t lend itself to molding to produce a particular shape

Gore-Tex is a synthetic material used for all types of implants in the body, from cosmetic implants to cardiac stents (it’s the same material that some waterproof clothes are made of).  Gore-Tex is placed in the lip the same way that Alloderm is inserted.


  • easy to obtain since it comes pre-manufactured in a sterile package
  • easy to place since the surface is smooth and has little resistance to insertion
  • easy to remove if there’s a problem


  • the smooth surface and the fact that it’s synthetic mean that it has a higher chance of infection
  • can’t be shaped
  • expensive

Fascia is the thick connective tissue covering most of the muscles in our body.  It can be harvested through a small incision on the thigh and used like other implants.


  • very low chance of becoming infected
  • we all have plenty available and many places to harvest it


  • need a second operative site to harvest the fascia, which causes some pain
  • can’t be shaped
  • grows into the surrounding tissue so it can be difficult to remove if that becomes necessary

Soft, Single-piece, Shaped Silicone lip implants

Today’s version of the silicone lip implant is very different from anything that has been used before.  These are single-piece, meaning that they don’t have a liquid silicone filling.

There is nothing to leak out of the implant, and nothing that can spread where it isn’t wanted.

Soft silicone implants come pre-manufactured in a shape that gives a little extra fullness in the center of the lip.  This produces a lip shape that is like your natural shape, but fuller.

Because the shape is more natural, soft silicone implants don’t cause the “duck-lip” that most women are afraid of.

Silicone lip implants are placed in the office and only local anesthesia is required.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

For the first week you would do some simple exercises and massage to keep the implant centered while it heals.  The only dietary restrictions are avoidance of hot food and liquids until the swelling is resolved and sensation is normal (so you don’t burn your lip).

Luxe Plastic Surgery offers these soft, single-piece silicone implants.  Dr. Kutty personally performs the procedure in the office with local anesthesia, similar to what you might get at the dentist.

Dr. Kutty personally evaluates each client to assure a great result.  This involves a consultation to measure the lip for the correct size implant, and speaking with you about what shape you desire and what shape can be achieved.

Dr. Kutty and the staff at Luxe Plastic Surgery will aid you in your decision-making process.  For some women Dr. Kutty will actually recommend filler injections instead, for anatomic or other reasons.  You won’t be pushed into any particular procedure.

We use implants made by SurgiSil.  They are known as Perma Facial Implants, and are FDA-approved and have been extensively tested.

The Perma Facial Implant is made of soft, solid silicone that produces a naturally smooth contoured lip. It has a smooth, non-porous surface that cannot rupture or deflate. It is a permanent solution to achieve fuller natural lips without having to get injectable fillers frequently.

The procedure can be performed in a simple office setting under local anesthesia. The entire surgical procedure can take less than thirty minutes with minimal to no downtime. Most patients are able to resume normal daily activities the following day. Although permanent, a Perma Facial Implant may be easily removed at any time.

Perma Facial Implant is available in a variety of sizes to achieve customized results.