Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

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Patients who have lost large amounts of weight frequently find that the skin on the upper arm hangs loose. It can be embarrassing to wear short-sleeved shirts or swimwear. This is often referred to as “bat wings” or “turkey wings”.

Why Would I Need an Arm Lift?

Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or lap banding procedures lead to marked weight loss, which allows patients to feel great and live healthier. The negative side of this is the loose skin, which appears everywhere on the body. On the arms, two factors cause skin laxity. The first is the loss of a large amount of fat from within the upper arm, which causes the skin to deflate much like a balloon. The second is that when skin is stretched over a large amount of fat for a long time, it loses its firmness and cannot tighten back over the muscles by itself. This means that the extra skin has to be surgically removed.

Dr. Malik Kutty can perform arm lift surgery (brachioplasty), which eliminates the excess tissue that sometimes even hangs over the elbow. For patients with large amounts of extra skin, Dr. Kutty takes special care to keep the incision on the inside of the arm. This hides the incision far better than the traditional incision which is on the back of the arm, where it is easily seen in short sleeves.

Some patients have less laxity, which makes it possible for Dr. Kutty to make a far smaller incision which is entirely in the armpit. This is combined with liposuction of the upper arm to achieve maximal improvement in arm contour.

This procedure can restore confidence and allow the patient to participate in more activities without covering the arms. For more information about arm lift surgery, please call Luxe at 281-313-0551 or contact us online for your comprehensive consultation in the Houston area.